What Amount Do Acrylic Nails Cost: The Complete Guide for 2023

Are you considering having a complete set of acrylic nails but still determining the cost? I feel your pain; calculating the price of acrylics can be challenging. Location, the type of acrylic nails desired, whether a design is desired, and the salon experience all play a role. But have no fear because this post has your back. So, let’s determine the cost of acrylic nails.

In a rush?

Here is the short reply:

The average cost of a complete set of sculpted acrylic nail salon extensions with ends in the United States is $46.01. However, the cost of acrylics differs significantly based on your location, the type of manicures you desire, and whether or not you want nail art or a design.

Now that you have a fundamental answer to your query. Let’s delve deeper and examine how much you can anticipate paying.

What is the cost of acrylic nails?

First, you should realize that the cost of acrylic nails can vary greatly.

Numerous variables affect the price of acrylic nails.

The cost of a complete set of acrylic nails will vary significantly based on your location, nail design preferences, and desired salon experience.

Let’s begin with the factor that has the greatest impact on the price of acrylic nails


Location and cost of having acrylics completed

Unfortunately, it is beyond the purview of this article to break down the cost of acrylic nails across the country. However, I will give you some tips on how to conduct your research on this topic.

Using Google Maps, you can estimate the cost of getting acrylic nails done in your area.

Search for “acrylic nails near me” to locate salons in your location that provide this service. Once you’ve found a few locations, check out their online price list or call them to request a quotation.

Another option is asking friends and family about the price of acrylic nails in your area.

One of your contacts has recently gotten their nails done, so they will understand how much it costs in your area. Additionally, they may have a recommendation for a salon they have visited.

You could also search Facebook for local networks.

The salon experience can have a major effect on the cost of acrylics.

Where would you like your manicures done? What kind of spa is it?

You’ll have to pay extra if you want to purchase acrylics while looking out over a gorgeous lake or at the summit of a high building with an amazing city view.

If you visit a posh location, you will pay more.

What is the least expensive option?

If you only worry about the nails, you have two affordable options for obtaining acrylic nails.

Find a salon with reasonable prices in your area first. Look for a no-frills establishment.

No massage recliners, no picturesque view, nothing.

The second alternative is a mobile manicurist.

Mobile manicure technicians are typically less expensive than salons because they do not have the same administrative costs.

Price will vary based on the variety of nails desired.

How much does it cost to get acrylic nails? That depends on your desires.

If you want a simple ensemble, you can pay approximately $45.

If they are to be refined, additional fees may apply.

The most costly acrylic manicure option is nail art and design, so expect to pay at least $20 more if you want jewels, spirals, or an effect.

Price average for acrylic nails

Let’s talk numbers now that we’ve discussed some of the variables that will impact the cost of your acrylic nails.

In the United States, a complete set of sculpted acrylic manicure extensions with ends costs $46.01 on average.

It is the national average based on data collected throughout the United States.

The price is for a standard set of medium-length nails and does not include nail art.

Depending on the salon, you may be charged a higher fee if you want your acrylics to be extremely long.

A complete set of dip powder nails costs approximately $35.05 in the United States.

What is the cost of manicure fills?

How much will a cosmetic salon cost?

It will cost between $25 and $30 if you already have acrylics and require a fill.

The average cost of acrylic fill-ins in the United States is $29.91.

You’ll need inserts every two to three weeks to maintain your manicures looking their finest.

Acrylic removal expense

What does it cost to remove acrylic nails?

Acrylic nail removal typically costs between $10 and $25.

You can save a small amount of money by removing your own acrylic nails at home.

You only need acetone, cotton swabs, and aluminum foil.

You could also utilize the vinegar method.

What is the cost of acrylic nails with designs?

The price will be higher if you want a specific design or motif on your nails.

It is because the technician must spend more time creating the intended appearance.

A basic or minimalist design won’t break the bank, but some more intricate designs will take you by surprise!

It is best to consult with your nail technician beforehand to ensure that the design you desire is within your budget and their area of expertise!

Regarding adorable designs, the ceiling is the limit.

Kelly Osbourne’s black diamond manicures are the most costly nails I’ve ever seen, costing her a staggering $250,000!

How much do false nails cost?

You can purchase a bundle of ready-made, decorated acrylic press-on nails instead of having acrylic nails in a salon.

Etsy has some remarkable examples.

They can even be reused!

It can significantly reduce the cost of attractive manicures. The only disadvantage is that you must apply them yourself.

A typical set of hand-decorated acrylic artificial nails costs approximately $25.

That is all! This article has helped you comprehend the cost of acrylic nails in the United States.

Remember that the price will differ based on the salon, the technician, the type of manicures you desire, and any additions, such as nail art, that you may select.

Enjoy yourself and your stylish new manicures!


How much a complete set of acrylic does nails cost?

The average price for a complete set of acrylic nails is $46.01 

How much do acrylic nail inserts cost?

Typically, acrylic nail fills cost between $25 and $30 

How much does removing acrylic nails cost?

Typically, acrylic nail removal costs between $10 and $25. 

How much do artificial nails cost?

Fake nails, or press-on nails, can cost between $10 and $40, depending on size, design, and quality.