The Ultimate Price List for Walmart Nail Salon in 2023

What’s the story with the nail salon at Walmart? This post is for you if you’re considering having your manicures done at Walmart but have concerns. Discuss services, prices, hours, locations, and economic value.

We researched the prices and services of over 30 Walmart nail salons in 2022 to provide you with the most accurate and current information about Walmart nail salons.

This is the definitive guide to the cosmetic salon at Walmart.

Here’s what will be discussed:

Prices and services offered at Walmart’s nail salon

What services are available, and how much do they cost at Walmart nail salons?

The following table details all of the services provided by Walmart manicure salons, including prices and durations for each nail and cosmetic treatment.

Price List for Manicure at Regal Nails Walmart

List of Prices for Regal Nails Walmart Pedicures

Manicure & Pedicure Price List Regal Nails Walmart

Regal Nails Walmart Price List for Other Services

It is important to note that not every Walmart cosmetic salon offers the complete list of services above.

Due to the franchise nature of the business, you should always verify with your local store, as some services may differ.

Some establishments may offer additional services, such as wellness treatments, not listed here.

However, prices appear to be fairly uniform, so the cost of your manicures should be the same wherever you are in the United States.

Walmart manicure hours

The majority of nail salons within Walmart are open seven days a week.

The weekdays have the greatest operating hours, while weekends and holidays have somewhat reduced hours.

Here are the typical hours of operation for Walmart nail polish salons:

  • Monday hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours on Tuesday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours on Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours on Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours on Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Hours on Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Hours on Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Holiday hours are from 11 am to 6 pm

Please note that salons’ hours of operation can sometimes vary.

During our research, we came through Walmart nail salons, which open at 9:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m., so always double-checking is important.

Also, the last appointment is typically between 30 minutes and one hour before closing.

Check the duration of the desired service and make plans accordingly.

What is the cost of getting your manicures done at Walmart?

As expected, Walmart manicure salons feature competitive pricing.

Prices for manicure services at Walmart range from $4 for a single nail restoration to $90 for a complete set of Shellac nails.

Here are the prices for some of the most common manicure services at Walmart:

  • A classic manicure costs $21; a Shellac manicure costs $38; acrylic fill-ins cost $28; acrylic manicures cost $40; a gel manicure costs $35.

What is the cost of a complete set of acrylic nails at Walmart?

For a complete set of acrylic manicure extensions, Walmart nail salons charge $40.

Complete acrylic nail application requires 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Acrylic additional support is $30 and takes approximately an hour to complete.

Prices at Walmart pedicure salons

Google Maps can be used to schedule appointments.

The prices at Walmart’s manicure facilities are not excessively high.

A Nail Repair is $5 in cost. A polishing costs $12.

Walmart charges $12 for acrylic, gel, and gel removal.

$25 will be required for a Vinylux manicure.

Even children’s manicures are available for $15.

The full stock of services and prices can be found in the chart at the outset of this article.

What is the cost of a pedicure at Walmart?

Walmart cosmetic salons offer multiple pedicure options.

A classic pedicure at Walmart costs $35.

Also available for $45 is a creative pedicure.

You can choose between a seasonal pedicure and a Shellac pedicure, which cost $45.

The two most expensive pedicures at Walmart are the “Deluxe Pedicure in a Box” ($50 for a 50-minute treatment) and the “Heavenly Pedicure” ($60 for an hour-long treatment).

What is the name of Walmart’s manicure salon?

The name of the nail salon within Walmart is Regal Nails. Since 1997, they have been a very well-established manicure and cosmetic company.

Reviews of Walmart manicure salons

How are the cosmetic facilities at Walmart?

Let’s find out!

Regal Nails, which operates the salons within Walmart, has at least 940 salons open in Walmart stores across the United States.

They have a stellar reputation for providing outstanding customer service and producing superior work.

There is some variation in analyses between individual salons. However, they typically receive between 3.5 and 4.5 stars on Google Reviews.

The majority of patrons have a positive experience at Regal Manicures.

I came across numerous testimonials from individuals who had been regularly going there for several years and were ecstatic.

However, some individuals have complained that they felt hurried due to the salon’s high volume of customers.

Others are unhappy about the inadequate organization and the improper handling of clients.

If you’re concerned about the salon’s customer service, you should read the salon’s reviews on Google Maps.

Sometimes, you can discover the name of a qualified technician, allowing you to avoid disappointment by requesting their services.

How long does it take at Walmart to get your manicures done?

Want to know how long getting your nails done at Regal Manicures takes?

Here is a list of Walmart’s manicure services and their associated durations:

Full Set Acrylic – 1 hour and fifteen minutes

Acrylic Refill – 1 Hour

Acrylic / Dip / Gel Removal – 10 minutes

Classic Manicure – 30 minutes

Gel manicure – 35 minutes

Shellac Manicure – 45 minutes

Nail Repair – 5 minutes

Artificial Tip Replacement – 30 minutes

15 minutes for Polish Change of Hands

Clear Refill – Thirty Minutes

CND Acrylic Fill – fifty-five minutes

Trimming an Artificial Nail – 30 Minutes

Fingernails Trim – 10 minutes

Princess / Prince Mani – 15 minutes

DreaMau Manicure – 25 minutes

Vinylux Manicure – 30 minutes

Beyond Sprinkle Set – Overlay – 45 minutes

French / Colored Artificial Nail Tips 1 hour 15 minutes

Beyond Dip Refill – quarter-hour

Creative Pedicure – 45 minutes

Beyond Dipping Set – EXT – 55 minutes

Beyond Sprinkle Set – EXT – 55 minutes

Gel Manicure with Extended Wear – 35 minutes

45-minute Beyond Dip Set (Overlay) Workout

Deluxe Pedicure in a carton – 50 minutes

Do you need an appointment to visit the cosmetic salon at Walmart?

It is always a good idea to schedule an appointment before visiting a Walmart nail salon.

However, you may show up and place your name on the list.

If the salon is busy, you may have to wait, but they will let you know how long it will be before they can accommodate you.

If you’re fortunate and there aren’t many consumers, you can visit and get an appointment immediately!

How can I reach out to Regal Nails?

Using their online scheduling service or calling the salon directly is the easiest method to schedule an appointment with Regal Nails.

Because each salon is independently owned, you should always contact the specific salon if you have a question or complaint.

888-414-6245 is the phone number for the company’s primary office.

Locations of pedicure salons at Walmart.

There are currently 940 Regal nail salons located within Walmart stores in the United States.

Can you use a Walmart gift card at regal nails?

No, Walmart gift cards cannot be used at Regal Nails.

Each Regal Nails location is an independently owned franchise, so acceptance is up to the proprietor.

That is all!

I trust you enjoyed this article about nail salon services at Walmart.

We wish you stunning nails always!


How much does it cost at Walmart to get your nails painted?

Between $12 and $25, depending on the variety of nail polish desired.

What additional services does the Regal Nails Salon and Spa provide?

In addition to manicure services, they offer Upper Lip, Chin, Eyebrows, Cheeks (face), Half Arms, and Half Legs Waxing. In addition, they moisturize the entire body with Cuccio milk and honey.

What precisely is a collagen manicure?

A collagen manicure is similar to a regular manicure, except they use a collagen hand serum, cover your hands to maintain heat, and place mittens on your hands for 10 minutes to soften them.

What is the nature of Beyond Sprinkle Nails?

Beyond Sprinkle is a gel manicure system that requires the product to be sprinkled on. It is another option for dunking.

What is DreaMau nail polish?

DreaMau has become a custom color manicure. A machine is used to create your nail color. Comparable to going to a hardware store for a custom paint hue.