Pink and Purple Nails: 78 Designs You’ll Love

Do you prefer pink and purple nails? Oooh adorable alert!

Okay, so you’ve decided on two hues to use. That’s great.

But I’m assuming you need some color placement inspiration and perhaps some design suggestions?

There are numerous possibilities with a two-color design.

For instance, you could create an ombre background for your masterpiece. Alternatively, you could add jewels and/or glitter to your nail art.

You could use an accent nail or two nails.

Alternately, you could add a third color, such as blue or gold, for some eye-catching accents.

Don’t fret if you’re still undecided about what you want to do, because this post will help you decide!

So that you don’t have to, we’ve scoured the most popular social networks for the finest pink and purple designs.

If it’s beautiful, adorable, or trendy, it’s on this list.

Therefore, regardless of your style, you will discover a pastel purple nail design that you adore.

Regardless of the length of your nails, we have designs that work on both long and short manicures.

What are we expecting? Let’s see some adorable photos!

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Ombre pink and violet nail polish

Pink and purple manicure design

Violet and pink acrylic nails

Pink, blue, and purple nail polish.

Abstract light pinkish purple nail art with gold filigree

Short pink and purple nails

delicate pink and purple manicures

Pink and purple glitter manicures

Heart-shaped pink, purple, white, and black nail art.

Changeable pink to purple iridescent nail polish

Pink and purple glittered lotus flower nail art design

Light pink and violet fingernails

Cute pink and violet nail polish

Hello feline with long purple nails and pink accents.

Embellished ombre ends with sparkles

Neon pink and violet fingernails

Pink, purple, and gold acrylic manicures with pink and purple undulating lines.

French manicure in pink and purple (with clouds)

Butterfly-themed nail stickers in purple and pink

A nail design of pale purple and pink with black hearts and undulating lines.

Light violet and delicate pink pattern with pink glitter

Brilliant pink and violet nails

Abstract pattern employing pinks and violets.

Long purple acrylic manicures with pink rose and pink glitter detailing.

Pink and violet manicures studded with gemstones

Ombre with massive, sizable glitter fragments.

ombre pink and purple manicures

Almost invisible hues with purple flower and silver glitter accents.

Pink and violet glitter circles with a chunky texture.

Pressed blossoms create a floral design with a vintage appearance.

Summer nail art featuring blue, pink, and purple

Long, coffin-shaped manicures adorned with oversized jewels, ombre, and glitter.

Subtle thin-edged glitter cuticle design

Simple nail art consisting of patterns on short nails

Beautiful marble-effect design for ornamental nails

Pink nails with the Union Jack on the ends

Teeny small polka dot nail design

Nails with plain images and a floral embellishment design.

Pink and purple nail polish

Wavy lines, glitter, and jewels nail design in vivid hues

Simple pick-and-mix nail design in four hues

A floral accent nail with wavy lines, french tip, and glitter.

Nails with ombre, glitter, and numerous jewels on stilettos.

Bright ombre pattern with black line accents

Nail design with glitter, ombre, and line work accents Wavy lines on a bare background.

Elegant and feminine design featuring gold foil on a beige ground.

Design with a shimmering watercolor/marbling effect

Design with minimal, basic, linear lines (beginner-friendly).

Long manicures with a pale ombre and multicolored insects.

Summer floral manicure art with negative space on nails of medium length

Elegant and ethereal feminine design with very pale-colored stars on circular nails.

Design inspired by tribal patterns with intricate pearl gem patterns and colored jewels

Beautiful glitter design with a three-color ombre accent nail and gorgeous vibrant hues.

Design of wavy lines and hand-painted insects for summer nail art.

Effect of watercolor with glitter and ombre pinks

Long, round manicures with a three-color ombre nail design featuring white stars and gold glitter accents.

Summertime-appropriate neon ombre nail art with neon hues.

Delicate, elegant Clear-based peach ombre nail design with encapsulated insect life.

Invisible manicures with transparent ends and colored glitter on the interior and exterior.

Leopard print manicure design on a hot pink ombre background

On an ombre background are painted Christmas trees, ornaments, and snowflakes in a pale hue.

Pale, marble effect almond-shaped cuticles with glittering gold

Long, sophisticated coffin-shaped manicures with gold shimmer and an ombre effect.

Winter manicures with medium-length, coffin-shaped nails and a two-color design.

Acrylic manicures with a candy pink and lilac nail design in a ballerina shape.

A Halloween nail art design with jewel-encrusted spiders, webs, and bats on an ombre background.

Mix and match designs with glitter accent nails on elder hands.

Medium-length, ombre coffin nails on pudgy digits.

A nail design with holo glitter and jewels that is bright and airy. Including long French tip accent nails

vibrant and lively nail art with a touch of vibrant yellow that is simple to create at home.

Bright and edgy nail tape design with straight lines and triangles.

Spring-appropriate pastel hues with jewels and insects, and a variegated base.

Long manicures adorned with glowing skeletons, ribbons, glitter, and jewels.

Adorable nail art decal design with ombre and glitter

Triangle-shaped nail art with silver glitter accents on short nails.

Very pale pink and pinkish purple design with coral orange accents and undulating lines.

Toe polish concept – flat painted in contrasting hues – is simple but effective

Conclusions and colour harmony tips:

You have reached the conclusion of this epic list; congratulations!

Can you believe that your eyes have now assimilated over seventy amazingly creative pink and purple nail designs?

There are so many different hues of purple and pink to choose from that the options for purple and pink manicures are essentially limitless.

Which ones captured your attention? I’m currently experiencing summer emotions, so I’m all about vibrant colors.

But perhaps pastels or confectionery hues are more your style…

Before you leave, I would like to discuss a few ideas I have for hue harmonizing.

First, attempt to match the colors. For instance, if you are using a pastel pink, you should match it with a pastel purple.

Neon pink or hot pink pairs particularly well with neon or vibrant purple hues.

Consider the grade of the colors you are combining.

Are they both identical? Similar hues always look finest together.

Therefore, to create a dazzling effect, combine gentle colors, muted colors, and bright colors.

Are you currently brimming with ideas? I wish so.

So, will you directly replicate a design you’ve observed here?

Or perhaps you will combine elements of two or three different nail art designs from this post to create your own unique masterpiece.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’re feeling inspired for your next pink and purple manicure.

Whether they are pink and purple ombre, pink and purple acrylic, or pink and purple glitter.

With this inspiration, you should be able to create your next beautiful manicure at home or at the salon.

Good success!