Articles Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Pairing Up for a Movie

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Pairing Up for a Movie

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Movie

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar have signed a movie project. It is to be produced under the dynamic direction of renowned TV and commercial director Zaheeruddin Ahmed. According to sources, the film is featuring a contemporary storyline inspired by true events. It’s a crime thriller topped with action for ultimate entertainment. Apart from Ushna and Usman, the film also stars a talented cast including big names from the industry.

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Movie

The director Zaheeruddin Ahmed is counted among the top film directors in Pakistan’s media industry. He has been working with I.D Creations for a long time producing highly successful TV commercials and films. He is directing this film for Dareechay Films. Zaheer is very talented, he puts great effort and gives due attention to details to bring up a masterpiece. He has also handpicked the cast for the characters in the story.

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Roles in Upcoming Movie

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Roles

Ushna has emerged as a top actress in recent times. She has won hearts with her exceptional acting skills in Aakhir Kab Tak and Parizaad drama serials. The actress is very talented and dedicated to her career, she now wants to leave her mark on the big screen. The character she’s to play in the film is quite unusual. She’ll be seen as a female cricket player fighting the odds to prove her mettle.

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar Roles

On the other hand, Usman is playing a lead role fourth time in a row. After three massive projects Janaan, Parchi, and the unreleased Umro Ayyar, the handsome hunk doesn’t want to stop by on the road to success. No doubt, he has a great charm, it is the reason for his extended fan following and successful career. He’s also a part of top serials like Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay and Sinf-e-Aahan currently aired across the country. You’ll see him as a police officer in this film.

Ushna Shah, Usman Mukhtar, Zaheeruddin Ahmed, and the Upcoming Movie

Ushna Shah and Usman Mukhtar and Zaheeruddin Ahmed

Ushna and Usman were selected to create realistic on-screen chemistry. The two make a beautiful couple together. They’re the selection of Zaheeruddin, the film’s director. Usman is very optimistic about the film and its director, he has shared his thoughts in a recent interview, “I am so happy to be a part of this project and it’s something we have discussed for some years with Zaheer (bhai).” He added more, “Really hope the audience will enjoy what we have been working on.”