Tu Jhoom is Coke Studio’s Original

The superhit song of Coke Studio Season 14 ‘Tu Jhoom’ is in the hot water. A singer from Umarkot Sindh had claimed that the song’s melody was copied and plagiarized. Things got a little intense after a social media campaign started against the Coke music franchise. The officials then spoke out and categorically denied all the allegations in a detailed video report. The social media frenzy did stop to some extent; however, many people are still in denial.

Nirmala Maghani, an aspiring singer from Umarkot Sindh came forward with serious allegations on the producer of Coke Studio Season 14. She alleged the producer Xulfi of misusing trust, copyright infringement, and plagiarizing. The young girl proclaimed that the melody used in Coke Studio’s recent superhit was copied from a tune she created and that too for the same show. Zulfi, a renowned name in Pakistan’s music industry has not been in any controversy throughout his career. The allegations and the social media reaction to the allegations resulted in a fussy situation for him.


Nirmala Maghani’s Side of the Story about Tu Jhoom

Tu Jhoom Nirmala Maghani and Xulfi

Nirmala has said that the melody used in the song is her creation. She had sent the same tune to the producer Zulfi when applying for the auditions to play at the show. Although she didn’t get the answer in affirmation, she was shocked to hear the same tune in the song produced by Zulfi. Thereafter, Nirmala decided to come forward on social media to let people know about the unjust. Her case was readily supported by the people, and become a huge issue.


Xulfi’s Side of the Story about Tu Jhoom

Nirmala Maghani and Xulfi in Tu Jhoom

Xulfi of his reputation and high profile ignored the girl. He didn’t respond to any of the allegations. As a result, the situation on social media escalated as people presumed him as the culprit. The international music franchise Coke Studio had to bear the defamation, and some kind of hate factor started to develop. Then the officials responded swiftly, a press release was published on all social media platforms. A video report with proofs and the making process of the song was also released.

Conclusion: Tu Jhoom is a Coke Studio’s original creation. 


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