The Ultimate Guide to Burgundy Dress Nail Polish Matches

Have a lovely burgundy dress. Want polishing options? Then this post is intended for you. Today, we’ll examine which nail polish color complements a burgundy dress. But before we explore further, here’s the short answer (just in case you have a party to attend).

Navy, Beige, Black, and White nail polish colors match a Burgundy dress. You may also wear nail varnish in Mustard, Peach, or Turquoise. A Burgundy dress pairs well with light and charcoal gray, most tones of green, and pink or purple nail polish.

Now, my companion, you know which hues go well with Burgundy!

But before you take the nail varnish, let’s delve deeper and consider additional possibilities.

We’ll discuss hues and their moods, and I’ll offer advice on achieving the desired “feel.”

I will also show you specific nail polish colors that will complement your burgundy dress beautifully.

Let’s do it.

Here is a short guide table to assist you in reading this post:

What nail polish color matches a Burgundy dress? 

Neutral nail polish hues that perform well. I appreciate neutral nail polish hues.

Despite what I’m wearing, an ideal neutral always complements.

Choose neutral nail varnish hues such as navy, silver, white, beige, black, and nude when in doubt. These hues match virtually everything, so you can go right!

Now, return to your attire.

Burgundy is a rich, dark, and inviting reddish-brown color.

It reeks of sophistication, power, affluence, and aspiration.

Want everyone to notice your dress?

Then, a neutral manicure color will make you appear refined (see what I did there?) without taking away from your dress.

You can pair your Burgundy dress with any neutral.

However, certain neutrals pair slightly better with burgundy dresses than others.

The following are the finest neutral nail varnish colors to wear with a burgundy dress:


I adore a navy pedicure!

Burgundy and navy are as complementary as cherries and milk.

They are both deep, rich colors that exude an air of elegance and sophistication.

As a wedding color scheme, Burgundy and navy are extremely popular. Because these two colors are refined and sophisticated when combined.

Want a look that says, “I’m confident, cultured, and well-put-together?”

Try navy manicures with a burgundy dress for a perfect complement!

My fave navy nail varnish is No More Film. 

Essie Beige.

The combination of Burgundy and beige brings to mind images of stately residences.

Beige is a classic complement to Burgundy.

Beige has yellow-brown overtones.

These ideally complement the Burgundy’s reddish-brown tones.

Beige manicures could be an excellent option if you desire a sophisticated, refined, timeless appearance.


Browns with a chocolate hue appear fantastic with Burgundy!

However, any hue of brown from light to dark suits burgundy outfits.

The combination of Burgundy and brown can appear androgynous or even masculine.

Something to keep in mind.

Grays of light and charcoal tones

Medium to light grays in cold or balmy tones will match your dress beautifully.

Because dark grays don’t provide enough contrast with Burgundy, it’s best to adhere to a medium to light shade.

It would help if you had a light gray that matches the hue of your dress.

Like the other neutrals on this list, gray manicures will appear elegant.

August is an example of Zoya’s medium-gray nail varnish.

Dawn of a new gray is a gray nail varnish manufactured by OPI.

These two hues will complement your burgundy dress beautifully.

What nail polish color complements a Burgundy dress?

Color of complimentary nail varnish that suits.

Every color in color theory has a complementary color.

If you examine a color wheel, you will notice that complementary shades are always on opposite sides.

Burgundy is generally red, but it also has brown and purple undertones.

Green is the complementary color to red.

It means that most green nail varnish colors will complement a burgundy dress.

Consider wearing green nail varnish with your burgundy dress.

Try coupling your burgundy dress with mint or seafoam manicures for a modern and amusing look. It is a fashionable and modern appearance.

Try combining your burgundy dress with olive, sage, or forest green manicures for a more normal appearance.

These hues are the ideal complement to the deep hue of Burgundy and create a unified appearance.

Using complementary color schemes is an excellent method to attract attention and make an impression.

Therefore, feel free to experiment and determine what works for you.

What nail polish color complements a Burgundy dress?

Metallic coatings that is effective.

Both gold and silver nail varnish complement Burgundy well.

While gold is the more conventional option.

Burgundy’s warmth makes it the ideal complement to gold.

However, silver also appears fantastic because it functions as a neutral.

Pairing Burgundy and silver is likely less common and more thrilling.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when accessorizing your burgundy dress with accessories! You can wear gold jewelry one day and silver jewelry the next. Both will be attractive!

I favor gold.

Combining a Burgundy dress with silver jewelry creates a startling contrast that is sure to attract attention. A daring and bold appearance will set you apart from the crowd.

That’s my opinion; wear whatever makes you feel fantastic and confident!

What nail polish color complements a Burgundy dress? Other nail polish hues that work.

Neutral, complimentary, and metallic color combinations have thus far been discussed.

But what other possibilities exist?

In actuality, quite a number.

This section should provide excellent color inspiration if you’re searching for something amusing and unexpected.

Let’s get into it.


You already understand that navy blue and Burgundy go well together.

But other hues of blue can also be stunning.

For instance, royal blue pairs particularly well with Burgundy.

Royal blue is a fantastic choice to make a burgundy dress appear less formal.

Blues with a significant amount of green, such as teal, will complement your dress.

Suppose you desire a bit more contrast or a more whimsical appearance. Try a light ice blue or a light grayish blue.

This Essie nail polish (All Access Pass) pairs well with Burgundy.

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow nail polish hues pair exceptionally well with crimson.

They contribute a dash of luxury to a refined appearance.

You can wear golden sunshine yellow or mustard nail varnish.

I adore mustard and Burgundy for autumn.


Burgundy appears less solemn and more feminine when paired with pale, delicate pinks.

Consider light, mellow tones such as Joey by Zoya or floral tones such as rose.

Pink-purple hues like Fuschia can add a lively and modern accent to a burgundy ensemble.


Burgundy and peach are another popular color combination for weddings.

It is the ideal blend of formal and frivolous and enjoyable.

Fall and winter are the most common reasons for their use.

Try peach manicures to add a light, refreshing accent to your formal burgundy dress.


The combination of Burgundy and purple is vibrant and entertaining.

Both vivid and pale purples complement Burgundy well.

Hues such as grapes can be helpful for a stylish, well-put-together appearance.

Try lilac nail varnish for a feminine and playful aura.


Any blue-green hue will complement your burgundy dress.

However, turquoise is the ideal hue for making a striking statement.

The combination of turquoise and Burgundy signifies confidence and originality.

Try this combination if you want to be noticed!

Last thoughts

Congratulations, you’ve concluded!

You can find the ideal nail polish shade to complement your burgundy dress with navy, mint, olive, sage, and forest green options.

Whether you desire a classic, contemporary, or traditional appearance, the options are limitless.

Hopefully, you now have some fantastic concepts for nail art.

The colors enumerated in this post are not limited to nail polish.

Oh no!

You may choose shoes, handbags, and accessories in any color mentioned.

It’s time to wear that stunning burgundy dress, have fun, and make a statement! Knock them dead!