Articles Sang e Mah Drama Starts with a Super-amazing First Episode!

Sang e Mah Drama Starts with a Super-amazing First Episode!

The first episode of much-hyped Sang e Mah drama hit the screens today. It has totally lived up to the expectations. The fans are in love with the powerful storyline and stellar cast. Be it the rockstar Atif Aslam or the newbie Zaviyar Nauman every actor has exhibited exceptional acting skills. No doubt, the serial will become a blockbuster superhit breaking all the existing viewership records. It’s already trending on social media and main media.

Sang e Mah Drama First Episode

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The serial mainly focuses on societal norms prevalent in Pashtun tribes. Its theme is based on traditional Pashtun culture. Also, many viewers aren’t happy with the portrayal of Pashtun culture in the serial. They have shown concerns over the exhibition of pot-smoking and other ill practices as part of the Pashtun culture. However, the serial’s stance against Ghaag (Forced Marriage Tradition) is applauded by everyone.

Sang e Mah Drama Serial First Episode Review

Sang e Mah First Episode

The first episode introduces the audience to most of the characters in the serial. Hilmand and Hikmat can be seen in the very beginning, the lead characters played by renowned Atif Aslam and Zaviyar Nauman. They both are the sons of Haji Marjan Khan (Nauman Ejaz) and Zarsanga (Samiya Mumtaz). Surprisingly, Atif’s character in the serial is like a villain who’s against his family terms. While Hikmat looks very jolly and favorite child in the family. As the episode continues more and more cast members are revealed in their respective characters.

Sang e Mah Drama Public Response

Sang e Mah Drama First Episode Public Response

The audience is blown away from the first episode of the serial that aired today on Hum TV. The social media platforms are flooded with posts about the serial. Director Saife Hassan and the writer Mustafa Afridi are highly appreciated for their exceptional work. The cast especially Atif Aslam Nauman Ejaz, Samiya Mumtaz, Sania Saeed, Omair Rana, Hania Aamir, Kubra Khan, and Zaviyar Ejaz have put great efforts. Their character-play is unseen and amazing. Here’s the public opinion about the serial;

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