Parizaad Last Episode on 28th January 2022 in Cinemas! 

Pakistan’s most popular drama serial Parizaad is very close to the ending. Its last episode will air on Friday 28th January 2022. Everyone is hooked to the serial as its storyline has intensified and become super-thrilling. The audience is eagerly waiting to watch the final episode. And to add more to the hype, the makers have decided to release the final episode in cinemas. The audiences’ could enjoy watching the final episode with the ultimate cinematic experience.

Parizaad Last Episode

The finale will clear all the doubts about the life of Parizad. It’s the reason another episode is added to the serial; earlier, the serial comprised of 28 episodes. All cinemas across the country will be showing Parizad’s final episode for four days consecutively. If you’re a true Parizad fan, you should make a plan and head to your nearest cinema. No doubt, it’ll be great fun to watch a serial in the cinema. The experience will be one of a kind and remarkable.


Parizaad Last Episode Precap

Parizaad Last Episode

The final episode has much more than you are expecting. There are many secrets left unfolded in the serial, the finale will open those secrets and clear all the doubts. The serial is inspired by the novel of Hashim Nadeem with the same title. Although the same writer has developed the plot for the serial, he didn’t explain many important details about the life of the lead character Parizad. The final episode will show the complete life of the main character in a fast-forward. Hopefully, everyone will love the final episode and make it the biggest hit of all time.


Parizaad Last Episode Hum TV Release

Parizaad Last Episode

As the final episode is going to be released in cinemas, it’ll not air on television. After four days of screening in cinemas, the serial will be aired on Hum TV. If we calculate the day, it’ll be 2nd January 2022.