Nawal Saeed Dating Arsalan Faisal? 

The beautiful Nawal Saeed is an emerging star of Pakistan’s media industry. She has gathered an immense fan following because of her extremely good looks and acting skills. Nawal Saeed took a start from “Aik Larki Aam Si” which became the reason for her success. Her other notable drama serials are “Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja,” “Bezuban” and “Soteli Mamta.” Recently, Nawal Saeed and Arsalan Faisal were seen flirting on social media. Their fans are speculating that they’re dating. Is it true? Let’s find out! 

Nawal Saeed and Arsalan Faisal

Arsalan Faisal is a model trying his luck in the drama industry. He’s dynamic and good-looking, his most recent drama “Shehnai” is also very popular these days. Arsalan is the son of senior actress Saba Faisal whose career spans over a decade. Both mother and son are very talented and beautiful. As the news about Arsalan Faisal dating Nawal Saeed has surfaced, there are many speculations on social media platforms.


Is Nawal Saeed Dating Arsalan Faisal?

Nawal Saeed and Arsalan Faisal

If yes, they will be the most celebrated couple in the town. Both will look very attractive together. But it isn’t confirmed yet that they’re dating each other. However, as in most cases, Pakistani celebrities start to exchange comments and share photos on social media before officially announcing the relationship. Nawal and Faisal have started to exchange cheesy and lovey-dovey comments. That’s why the fans are suspecting that something is cooking between them.


Nawal Saeed’s First Date

Nawal Saeed

Moreover, Nawal isn’t dating someone for the first. Reportedly, she was in a relationship with Yasir Khan while working with him in the “Aik Larki Aam Si” drama serial. But they parted their ways after some time. Let’s see what will happen between Nawal and Arsalan.


Nawal Saeed And Arsalan Faisal’s Social Media Love; Check Out! 

Nawal Saeed with Arsalan Faisal Nawal Saeed with Arsalan Faisal Nawal Saeed with Arsalan Faisal

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