Whether you’re growing out your natural roots or short hair, here are some easy hairstyles you can cop to smooth the process! Your OOTD will thank you.

There’s always an awkward stage we have to trudge forward from when we dye our hair or experiment with a very short haircut. Thankfully there are easy natural hairstyles that will help you transition from dyed hair, super short hair, and even bangs!

  • Natural Laid Back Hair Style With Dry Shampoo

    Keeping your hair flat and void of dimension will highlight your demarcation line on your roots! Bring texture to your roots with a few sprinkles of dry shampoo. This will blur the harsh line between your dyed hair and regrowth.

  • Dutch Braid

    The volume braids and hair dye team together to bring dimension to your locks. A timeless classic, this won’t just hide your natural hair regrowth, it will also pull in your overgrown bangs. Apply mousse on damp locks before braiding your hair to keep your bangs in place, hair spray might leave it hardened and crusty.

  • Zigzag Headband

    Keep your hair off your face and highlight a chiseled jawline with a zigzag headband. The ridges in the wide-toothed headband loosely pull your head back, create volume, and will deflect attention from your roots. This nod to the ’90s will help transition your outgrown do to tomorrow’s beach waves.

  • Natural Deep Part Hair Style

    Move your part to the opposite side and carve out a deep curve, moving your roots out of sight and out of mind. Again, the dimension and change in texture will bring less focus to your regrowth line. Allow your bangs to cover a small section of your forehead to create a smaller face and clip behind the ear for a retro look.

  • Chignon

    Tidy your unkept root growth in a fashionable and elegant chignon. The different textures and shades create dimension and a stylish twist, while the natural hairstyle keeps the entire look prim and proper.

  • Natural Headband Hair Style

    A difficult combination of regrowth and an awkward, difficult-to-style length? Hide it – literally, reach for a thick headband or fashion one out of your old scarves to mask the growth. The headband will also serve as a shield from the sun to make sure your hair grows healthily, protected from harsh UV rays.

  • Slick-Back

    Mingle your roots with the rest of your dyed stands in a trendy slick-back hairstyle. Flatten your hair or keep it textured and full, but keep it off your face, out of sight, out of mind.

  • Zigzag Part

    Exchange the straight part for a zigzag to melt your roots and dyed hair into each other. This will lessen the appearance of regrowth and is such a unique hairdo too! Sprinkle on some dry shampoo on dry hair or sea salt spray on damp hair to maintain volume in your roots.

  • Curl Your Hair

    Don’t settle for beach waves, curl your locks to soften the appearance demarcation line by hiding them in the coils. Run your curling iron through all your strands, from top to bottom. Don’t forget to apply heat protection to your mane before using styling tools, then apply sea salt spray afterward to lock them in place and help maintain the texture.

  • Printed Scarf Headband

    Is your pixie cut growing out, but not long enough to tie or style? Keep the layers away from your face with a long scarf headband. The length of the scarf against your short hair creates a feminine, romantic contrast.

  • Put a Pin on It

    Maximize your new bob with bobby pins for your dreaded in-between hair length. Pull your hair back with bobby pins fastened by the ears for a polished bob. Part your hair in the middle for a chic look, at the side for a feminine one.

  • Bring It All to One Side

    Pixie cut still above the chin? Bring your part all the way to the side, slick back the smaller section with bobby pins or styling gel, and leave the other side loose. Like an undercut, keeping all the volume on one side will give you a cool girl look (as if you needed the help).

  • Curl It

    Pull up your hair and cop a short bob again by running a barrel iron through your hair. Spritz on some hair spray or sea salt spray and tousle your hair to loosen the curls and achieve an easy, yet polished natural hairstyle.

  • Braided Bangs

    A queen needs a crown, and yours is a braid. If your bangs have grown but aren’t long enough to join your ponytail, braid them from ear to ear to keep them in place. Not a fan of braids – keep them neat in a natural hair twist.

  • Part Them in the Middle

    Pass off your overgrown bangs as layers by parting them in the middle and letting your hair down. They’ll blend in with your longer strands and will have fully graduated from bangs. Curl your hair in tight curls to pull up the length of your strands if the difference in length is too obvious.

  • Bouncy Bun

    Bun your hair and pull your bangs back with styling gel and a comb. Keep your bun loose and flirty to keep your hairstyle fun, flirty, and full of dimension.

    Check out how Morgan grows her hair and keeps them healthy in the process:

    The only thing you need to grow longer than your hair is your patience. I hope this gives you more confidence in your growing locks. Awkward lengths and root regrowth shouldn’t hold you back your OOTDs, there are hairstyles that can help turn them around.

    The hair on a woman’s head is a crown, and it deserves to be adored and celebrated. Take pride in them by styling them with our best and easiest natural hairstyles!

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