A mullet haircut is having the golden hour and you should not miss the chance to hop on the trend. No worries though. Its upgraded version looks much trendier and more flattering than the forerunner used to do. Besides, as it tries to keep pace with the rhythm of the modern world, it requires little styling and low maintenance. So that you have no difficulties choosing your future look, we have selected the most worth to try mullet ideas in the following guide.

  • Mullet With Tapered Sides

    One of the most popular ways to pull off a modern mullet haircut is by getting the sides tapered. While it retains the aesthetic of a classic mullet hair look, it comes out stylish and contemporary.

    Source: @barbershop1371

  • Short&Spiked Mullet Hair

    A short mullet haircut is easy to maintain and requires little effort to style. But, it does not make it any less attractive. Instead, the variety of short mullet haircut images proves that this hairdo can be styled in a ton of ways. Take, for instance, this cool spiked up mullet haircut, which can be transformed into a sleek and elegant style in a heartbeat.

    Source: @sashapostrigi

  • Mullet Haircut With Straight Line

    Mullets are eye-catching and funky on their own. Though, you can easily take your hair to the next level of boldness by complementing it with a straight shaved in line on the side.

    Source: @barber_511

  • Blonde Curly Mullet

    Another great thing about a mullet is that it works for any hair texture. Moreover, a curly mullet gains more definition and prominence than its straight counterpart, especially when you have blonde locks.

    Source: @mulletsofnewcastle

  • Mullet w/Drop Fade

    A mullet fade is a trendy haircut that you should definitely give a try. If you are leaning toward something more low key and reserved, then go for a drop fade cut.

    Source: @barbershmelev

  • Short Men’s Mullet and Beard

    As a short mullet takes off more hair from your head, you are welcome to add it to your face. A short mullet cut paired with a coarse beard makes up a strong and impactful hair combo. See for yourself in multiple short mullet haircut photos.

    Source: @evil_unicorn66

  • Long Messy Mullet Haircut

    Although we are used to seeing a long mullet quite neat and tidy, when styled messy, it instantly gains an effortless and carefree feel. Should you be striving for such an effect, you are welcome to go for this hair look.

    Source: @evil_unicorn66

  • Curly Mullet With Fade

    A fade is a surefire way out for those who struggle to tame their unruly curly tresses. Yet, to keep your intricate hair texture on display, go with a faded mullet.

    Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

  • Shaved Sides Mullet

    To put an ultimate emphasis on your muller haircut, get the sides shaved down to the head while leaving the top and back relatively long. This haircut is sometimes also referred to as a mullet Mohawk.

    Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

  • Spiky Asian Mullet

    K-Pop idols are one of those trendsetters who you should blame for the comeback of a mullet. It is so popular among them that they even set off distinct mullet styles. An Asian men hairstyle with mullet is often styled spiked up to accentuate the hair texture.

    Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

  • Cropped Top Mullet

    If you are not a fan of long hair in the back, then you can try out a reverse mullet haircut, which implies leaving the front noticeably longer. To achieve it, you need to get the top cropped, thus making it the focal point of the look.

    Source: @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

  • Bright Styled Mullet

    When you think that a mullet haircut cannot be any bolder, a brightly dyed mullet comes in. The color depends on your personal preferences and the level of your fashion bravery.

    Source: @shrunknheads

  • Mullet Mohawk Hairstyle

    A mohawk mullet is like punk rock in the music industry. You can hate it or love it, but it will not leave you indifferent. So, if you feel like getting one, no one can stop you.

    Source: @shrunknheads

  • White Blonde Style With Mullet Hairstyle

    Fashion-forward guys who are not afraid to be in the spotlight should take a closer look at the white blonde mullet hairstyle. Though to achieve the look you need to bleach your locks, it will fully pay you off with tons of admiring gazes you are going to collect.

    Source: @shrunknheads

  • Short Haircut With Fringed Neckline

    When you feel like a classic way of how to cut a mullet is not enough for you, why not adorn it with an elaborate hair design? Check out how awesome this fringed neckline looks.

    With a modern mullet haircut, you are sure to bring your hair to the center stage. So, make sure to pick out the one that reflects your inner self at its best. Hopefully, you have found a dose of inspiration in our guide.

    Source: @shrunknheads

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