Mawra Hocane to Share the Screen with Ameer Gillani 

It’s big news for all the Sabaat drama fans, Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani are to star together in a serial once again. After their super-amazing performance, the duo became the fan’s favorite. It’s been a long time since Sabaat, the audience again wants to see the duo in action, and it seems to be coming up next. According to the latest reports, both actors have signed a project, and very soon they’ll be seen together. The news has just come out and the fans have already gone crazy.

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani Drama

The Mawra and Ameer are considered to have the best on-screen chemistry. The way they present themselves as a couple is overwhelming. Many audiences tend to believe that they’re a real-life couple. It’s not the only best thing about them, the emotional acting skills of Mawra and the bold character-play of Ameer also complement them together. If you’re a true fan of the duo, you should not miss this serial. It’s going to be the best hit of all time.


Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani Upcoming Drama Details

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani Drama

In a recent interview, Mawra had revealed the project to the audience for the first time. The starlet looked very excited to announce that she has signed a project with Ameer to play a special character. She added that the same Sabaat team has assembled to make this project happen. Moreover, telling about the shoot locations and storyline she said that the project is being recorded in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Its storyline is an electrifying love story from the magical mountains of Kashmir. The story focuses on women’s education and women’s empowerment in the upper regions.

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gillani Drama

The story is the brainchild of renowned writer and dramatist Kashif Anwer. He’s the same writer who wrote Sabaat. The writer is exceptionally talented, having written the serial he had also played a character in it back in the days. He was applauded for his exceptional acting skills and command over writing perfect plots that win hearts. Moreover, the director is also Shahzad Kashmiri who directed the Sabaat serial and made it a blockbuster superhit. It seems this project is a kind of Sabaat team reunion.


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