Karachi Kahani – Stories of Karachites By Cinema Ghar

Karachi Kahani is a collection of some rare and interesting stories of the people of Karachi. This unique project is initiated by Cinema Ghar an emerging production house in the media industry. Metropolitans like Karachi are bustling with life, these megacities are house to millions of people coming from diverse backgrounds. You get to hear a different story from every mouth in such cities.

Karachi Kahani By Cinema Ghar

Today, the world is suffering from a disease that has limited mankind to confined houses. Still, people are trying to ease these sufferings by providing original content at hands of people through web platforms. Karachi Kahani is also meant for pure entertainment in these unprecedented conditions. The Cinema Ghar has made a remarkable contribution with it.


Release Date of Karachi Kahani

Karachi Kahani By Cinema Ghar

This epic web series will be released on YouTube from the first week of June 2021 for all types of audiences. It consists of 04 episodes in total to be aired every week on the Cinema Ghar YouTube channel. The teaser of this web series is already out, and it has created hype on social media platforms. Long story short, the people are eager to watch this Pakistani-style anthology series. And expectedly they don’t have to wait for long.

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The Story, Cast, And Direction of Karachi Kahani


This web series is inspired by the true stories of the people of Karachi. It truly reflects the urban life in Karachi and showcases how people struggle in the city for every passing day. The audience will see a lot of settings and explore a different side of Karachites. According to sources, the series focuses on people migrating from rural to urban areas, highlights mother-daughter bonding, and extra-marital affairs – Sounds great?

Karachi Kahani By Cinema Ghar

The series is directed by Seraj Us Salikin who is very enthusiastic and motivated about it. The whole project is the result of the teamwork of these key members Seraj Us Salikin (Director & Producer), Hamza Ali, Erum Bashir. Moreover, Hammad Siddiq and Ahmar Anwar are the minds behind the screenplay. This series is starring some new faces alongside established actors like Faizan Sheikh and Hina Rizvi.

Karachi Kahani By Cinema Ghar Karachi Kahani By Cinema Ghar

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