Javed Iqbal Movie is not Releasing? 

The most controversial movie of the decade Javed Iqbal couldn’t release once again. After facing severe criticism, censorship, and then getting through the pandemic situation, the film was all set to release in January 2022. The promotional shows, public response polls, and surveys had been done. The film reels were also distributed to cinemas across the country. Suddenly, an official order was issued by the Punjab Government to halt the film’s release with immediate effect. The posters of the film were put off immediately, and the pre-booked shows got canceled. Everyone was shocked and baffled by the government’s decision.

Javed Iqbal Movie Not Releasing

Another Delay in the Release of Javed Iqbal Movie – Public Reaction

The fans are demanding an explanation from the makers, and the makers can’t figure out what has happened. Having clearance from the censor board and PEMRA, why the film couldn’t hit the screens? The question prevails. Considering the intensity of the decision, it’s clear that there’s something very wrong with the film. No doubt, it is based on the life of the most heinous criminal in Pakistan’s history. The man who shook the entire nation and the police and judicial system. Let’s wait and see what dirty secrets the film will unfold.


The Director Abu Aleeha Tweets about Punjab Govt: Decision on Javed Iqbal Movie

Javed Iqbal Movie

Abu Aleeha is the director of the film, he’s been critically acclaimed for his exceptional work internationally. After the decision from the government, he was first to respond to it. He terms it a joke of his hard work and dedication, and alleged conspiracy against the film. Fed up with the media regulation authorities in Pakistan, the director has decided to go to court.