Articles Humayun Saeed Joins the Cast of The Crown

Humayun Saeed Joins the Cast of The Crown

Humayun Saeed is all set to appear in the new sequel of Netflix Originals ‘The Crown web series. The news has recently come out, and the Pakistani Netflix fans have gone crazy. It is the first time a Pakistani actor is to be featured on the Netflix Originals web series. More interestingly, the three sequels of the series are already superhit and very popular across the world. Humayun will be the part of the fifth sequel that’s too expected to be the conclusion of the series.

Humayun Saeed in The Crown

The series is based on the life of her highness Queen Elizabeth, the current Queen of the United Kingdom and the commonwealth countries. It has beautifully portrayed the whole life of the queen, from her birth to ascend to the throne. As most of the events from the life of the queen have been shown in the four seasons, the fifth season looks like to be the ending of the series. The Humayun’s inclusion in the cast will also result in the popularity of the series in Pakistan.

Humayun Saeed Role in Netflix The Crown

Humayun Saeed in The Crown
Dr. Hasnat and Lady Diana

Humayun will be essaying the role of famous Dr. Hasnat of London. The Pakistani-born British doctor was in a relationship with Princess Diana for some time. The two were in a civil partnership for more than three years. Their relationship had been a hot topic on news and TV shows for a long time. It is the reason this part of the series was quite anticipated by the fans. And expectedly many things will be unfolded about the relation of the Queen and Princess Diana in the fifth sequel of the series.

Watch Humayun Saeed in The Crown Season 5

Humayun Saeed in The Crown Season 5

Season 5 of The Crown web series is expected to be released in November 2022. Until then you showed start watching the series now from season one and catch up the fifth season in November. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it a lot!