Desserts serve as a great source of inspiration for hair color trends and honey brown hair is no exception. Looking softer and more delicate than chocolate cake hair, which was so on-trend last season, it provides you with a plethora of coloring options. Light and dark, barely noticed and striking, everyone will be able to find a look that matches their tastes and preferences. To ensure you have plenty of ideas to choose from, we have created this inspirational guide.

  • Light Honey Brown Hair

    If you have fair skin and prefer less contrasty hair colors, take a closer look at light honey brown hair. As it is not as striking against your skin tone as dark honey brown hair, it is also a great try on for those who are getting it for the first time. On the contrary, honey blonde hair on brown skin comes out bold and high contrast. So, if you are looking for such an effect, feel free to choose it as your go-to option. To give you some inspo, we have collected the best ideas below.

  • Source: @kimblome

  • Source: @elonataki

  • Source: @elonataki

  • Chocolate Brown Hair Color With Honey Highlights

    To satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty afterward, go for the sweetest hair color combo possible, which is chocolate brown hair with honey highlights. When these two shades melt into one another, it creates a very charming and eye-pleasing effect. If you would like to take it to the lighter side, go for honey brown hair with blonde highlights.

  • Source: @thevividbrunette

  • Mid Honey Brown Locks

    When you hesitate whether to go for light or dark honey brown color, opt for the golden mean. Medium honey brown looks flattering on most skin tones and suits any situation as well as ambiance.

  • Deep Brown Hair Shade And Honey Highlights

    Wondering what does honey brown highlight hair look like on an African American? As we mentioned earlier, honey highlights on dark brown hair look contrasty and eye-catching. So, if you want to be always in the spotlight wherever you go, it is hard to think of a better option for you than dark brown hair with honey highlights.

    Source: @hairwaytokale

  • Source: @thevividbrunette

  • Ombre Honey Brown Hair Color

    It would be a real shame not to pair such amazing hair trends as ombre and honey brown hair. This popular dyeing technique allows you to create a more subtle play of color in your hair. That said, should you feel that honey brown hair on a black girl is a little too much for you, ombre is a failsafe way to pull it off.

  • Source: @amastylist__

  • Source: @shae_stylist

  • Source: @shae_stylist

    With honey brown hair color, you are sure to collect compliments left, right, and center, be it ombre honey brown hair color on black hair or honey blonde highlights on brown hair. Not only does it make your eye color pop, but it also enhances your appearance in general. Hopefully, we have given you enough ideas for your future hair color.

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