Geo TV Ran Out of Bridal Outfits for Drama Serials?

The audience has noticed something fishy, the actresses in Geo TV drama serials are wearing the same bridal outfits. In three different serials featuring wedding scenes, the actresses are seen wearing the same bridal outfit. Isn’t it absurd for such a well-established entertainment channel like Geo?

Geo drama

Recently, many people have shared their concerns over Geo dramas on social media. They’ve highlighted that Geo TV has supposedly run out of bridal outfits. The actresses are repeating the same clothing in different serials. However, it may be mere negligence or less attention to detail.


What Happened in Geo Dramas?

Geo drama

Surprisingly, three different actresses have worn the same outfit in three different serials. Ushna Shah, Hina Altaf, and Sidra Niazi are sharing their clothes for shooting serials? The people are asking. But none have responded to this rather absurd allegation.

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In the latest anthology series ‘Makafaat’ the beautiful Ushna Shah dressed in a stylish ivory bridal suit. She appeared in an absolutely great wedding scene. Later on, in the very next episode of the series, actress Sidra Niazi wore the same bridal suit. And continually third time, Hina Altaf was seen wearing it once again in a Telefilm aired on this Eid.

Geo drama

Many people noticed this blunder and took to social media to share their concerns. It’s currently a hot topic on social media that everyone is gossiping about. Geo is known for classy serials, but this negligence is raising questions about these high-budget serials.

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