Did Imran Abbas Married And Then Left Ushna Shah? 

Latest News: Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah got married, but they both didn’t know it. Ushna was first to notice the news about her marriage with Imran that held at nowhere and in no time. Surprised? The ‘presumed’ couple was also in shock to hear about this news.

Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah Marriage Pic

When Ushna came across this news, she firstly congratulated Imran on their wedding. But Imran [Groom] was sorry to her because he failed to inform Ushna [Bride] about their wedding. Do you think it’s weird? Well, it is because their wedding news was totally fake.


Did Imran Abbas Really Marry Ushna Shah?

Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah Marriage Fake Pic

A YouTube channel ran fake news about the wedding of Ushna and Imran. Knowing that the news is fake, Ushna tried to respond to it sarcastically. She posted the screenshot of the news and captioned it “Congratulations Imran.”

Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah Marriage Fake pic

The handsome Hunk Imran got even more sarcastic and replied “Ushna, We forgot to inform each other in haste” And to this Ushna posted a clip from her recent drama and called off her wedding with Imran.


Imran Abbas and Ushna Shah Marriage news

It was all in a flash, both actors married each other and broke up within a matter of seconds. That’s how the social media rumors work, the scaremongers do this for mere publicity and views on their channels.


The Authenticity of Imran Abbas & Ushna Wedding News

If you’re confused, let us clear it for you. The news about their wedding is FAKE and a rumor only. It’s not the truth, both TV supes have not got married nor they’re planning to do so. You should not believe in every news that surfaces on social media.

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