30+ Curtain Bangs for a Chic and Cozy Look for This Year

Looking to shake up your look? Curtain bangs are a great way to add some flair and personality. Whether you already have fringe or just thinking about taking the plunge, they’re an easy yet stylish hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads! Not sure what type of bang is right for you? Don’t worry – we can help find the perfect cut that complements your features.

Give your hair an edge with the iconic curtain bang! This gorgeous style is perfect for women who desire elegance and sultriness – making it a must-have look.

1.   What Is A Curtain Bang Hairstyle?

A curtain bang hairdo is the perfect way to bring a touch of femininity and elegance to your look. It features two sides swept out for volume, with an open center that creates the effect of a graceful ‘curtain’ draped across your forehead. This style will leave you feeling beautiful from every angle!

2.   Who Can Go for This Hairdo?

Step into the spotlight with a trendy hairdo: curtain bangs! With this fashionable style, your look will be completely transformed – regardless of age, hair length and color or thickness. These cute and wispy asymmetrical fringes bring together any hairstyle for a stunning appearance that you’ll love showing off.

3.   Can You Do Curtain Bangs Yourself?

For a perfectly symmetrical curtain bang hairdo, it’s best to leave the styling in the hands of a professional. A reliable hairstylist will be able to craft your look to accentuate both your hair type and face shape while ensuring you get just the right length for this elegant style.

Blonde Curtain Bang Hair

1. Icy Blonde Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a look that’s classic yet contemporary, icy blonde curtain bangs are the perfect choice! This light hue adds an air of sophistication and grace to any style.

2. Short Blonde Bob Curtain Bangs

Get ready to flaunt a sassy light blonde bob with curtain bangs – perfect for the modern, fun-loving fashionista! This hairstyle will take any ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.

3. Curtain Bangs With Highlights

Looking for a way to freshen up your look? Try curtain bangs with highlights! This chic hairstyle is perfect for younger women; its flattering, modern cut will have you feeling like an absolute trendsetter.

4. Long Blonde Curtain Bangs

Change up your look with a 20-minute hairstyle that you can craft every day!

5. Orange Undertone Curtain Bangs

Maintaining a hairstyle is just like taking care of any living thing – without regular appointments, it won’t stay in tip-top shape! To preserve your ‘do and keep looking sharp, make sure to book an appointment with the stylist every few weeks.

6. Feminine Wavy Blonde Curtain Bangs

Get ready to feel like a royal with this beautiful curtain hairdo, perfect for those who appreciate aesthetic elegance.

7. Platinum Hair Color Curtain Bangs

Step up your style for any occasion with a bold and beautiful curtain bang hairdo. Be the highlight of even the most ordinary day!

8. Bob Cut Straight Hair Curtain Bangs

Transform your look with a dazzling curtain hairstyle and make an unforgettable statement with its vibrant color!

9. Super Long Blonde Curtain Bangs

Unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities of fabulous hair color with DIY dyeing! Embrace the freedom to try out endless new looks in the comfort of your own home.

10. Wavy Blonde Curtain Bangs

Want to turn up the heat? Add some sizzling blonde highlights and modern bangs for a head-turning look.

Light Brown Curtain Bangs

1. Caramel Highlights Curtain Bangs

Transform dull hair into something fabulous with a sleek brown hairdo and curtain style! Show off your gorgeous natural shine in an eye-catching new way.

2. Elegant Brown Curtain Bangs

Women in their twenties can add the perfect touch of style to any look with bangs!

3. Short Brown Hair Curtain Bangs

If you have luscious, light brown tresses, why not try out this trendy haircut for a fun new look? It’s the perfect style to add body and volume to thin hair.

4. Long Layered Curtain Bangs

Women in their thirties will love this stylish hairdo – the perfect way to refresh your look and turn heads!

5. Shaggy & Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Add a cool, trendy touch to your look with on-trend curtain bangs – they’re perfect for all occasions whether you’re going formal or informal!

6. Short Bob Brown Curtain Bangs

Show off the natural beauty of your straight and shiny hair with this sassy cut that features trendy curtain bangs.

7. Short Hair Curtain Bangs

Women with honey-hued locks can totally transform their style and upgrade their look with this exciting new design!

8. Curtain Bangs On Natural Brown Hair

Get ready to be charmed by this enchanting hair transformation! With gentle hues and simple movement, you’ll love this creative curtain hairdo.

9. Straight Bob Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking to make a bold statement and create an unforgettable experience, this style with its captivating flair is the perfect fit.

10. Curly & Wavy Curtain Bangs

This hairdo is perfect for women of all ages who are looking to make a statement with their style while embracing an elegant, glamorous curl!

11. Elegant Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Discover a feminine, flirty look perfect for those in their twenties: the curtain hairdo. Add some volume and glamour to your locks with this chic style.

Dark Brown Curtain Bangs

1. Dark Brown Updo With Curtain Bangs

With this hair color, low maintenance is the name of the game – meaning you can rock a fresh look without frequent touch-ups or recoloring. Up your style with curtain bangs and unleash some serious drama!

2. Long Straight Curtain Bangs

This outcome is perfect for ladies looking to inject some flair into their décor and explore something new. Brace yourselves – a stylish revolution awaits!

3. Short Dark Bob Curtain Bangs

Take five minutes out of your day to recreate this stylish haircut and show off a fresh new you!

4. Long Dark Brown Curtain Bangs

Different faces and head shapes are given new life when adorned with stylish volume! Creating an eye-catching look, it’s sure to add a bit of fun and flaunt your unique personality.

5. Wispy Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Women who prefer a bolder, more glamorous look can achieve this with this striking dark hairdo. The glossy shine and eye-catching curtain bangs make for an effortlessly chic hairstyle that will turn heads.

6. Short Bob Dark Hair Curtain Bangs

Younger women have the chance to be daring and bold with their fashion choices, thanks to this perfect combination of trendiness and modernism.

7. Wispy Look Curtain Bangs

Don’t be caught with an out of date ‘do – book regular hairstylist sessions to keep your look up-to-date!

8. Unique Brown & Blue Curtain Bangs

Feminine ladies, prepare to show off your inner beauty with a sleek hairstyle that will turn heads. Dark brown hair and curtain bangs create the perfect glamorous look for any occasion!

9. Bob Cut Curtain Bangs

Feel like shaking up your style? Try something new and give a curtain bang hairstyle a go! Whether you have dark brown or black hair, this look is sure to make heads turn.

10. Black Shaggy Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Jazz up any event with this stylish, attractive curtain bang! No matter your age, make a lasting impression.

11. Long Layered Curtain Bangs

Unleash your inner flirt with a stunning, glossy black mane touched up by trendy curtain bangs!

Time for Your New Cute Curtain Bangs

We’d love to see which curtain bangs style you choose! Whether it’s long and flowing or short and sassy, show us your inner chic by rocking the look that best suits you. Don’t keep us in suspense – let us know what hairstyle trend is next for you at your upcoming appointment with your stylist! We can’t wait to find out what fresh ‘do makes its debut on your head!