Hair fashion history is rich and versatile. So, black and blonde hair belongs to the category of universal styles that ladies have ever played around with. Yet, the time does not stand still, and new ideas come rushing into fashion. To look your absolute best, you should be fully aware of the freshest idea and how to incorporate it into your style. As you may have already guessed – we are here to help!

  • Black Roots and Blonde Hair

    Grown out roots were considered a poor tone, especially with blonde ends. Times have changed, so black roots and blonde hair look utterly modern and stylish. The more visible is the contrast, the better. Light waves are the best option to enhance the style too.

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  • Black and Blonde Short Hair

    Black and blonde short hair looks no worse than that of longer manes. However, there is one ultimate difference in the combo's effect – the shorter the hair, the edgier is the look. Active and rebellious women in love with casual styles will appreciate the idea.

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  • Honey Blonde and Black Hair Combo

    Some women love it when the hairstyle is ultra-modern but yet natural-looking. That is when a honey blonde and black hair balayage comes into the play. The sun-kissed mane of average length reflects the vibe impeccably. Besides, a style like that does not require regular touch-ups and is a lot simpler to maintain than most.

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  • Black and Blonde Long Hair Ombre

    There is a misleading assumption that ombre hair looks best on shorter hair. All it takes is to find the proper combination of hues to make your long locks look mesmerizing. We think that black and blonde hair ombre reflect the idea better than any words. See for yourself!

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  • Medium Blonde Bob with Black Roots

    If you can't make it to your stylist every two weeks or so, there is a fashionable way out. What we have in mind is black, blonde hair of medium length. Worry not about those dark roots – from now on. They are an essential element of your trendy look!

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  • Ash Balayage Hair Color

    It is impressive how many tints there are to the combo of black and blonde hair color. Those of you who are afraid of commitment, balayage highlights will dissolve in your look effortlessly. However, the mild transition will result in a look that is impossible to miss.

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  • Platinum Blonde Bob With Black Tips

    Platinum blonde hair is one of the hottest trends for a while now. However, those who do not like to look like everyone else may require a little upgrade to opt for. That is when mild black tips bordering with ombre come into the play. The effect is truly fascinating!

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  • Black Hair and Warm Blonde Highlights

    Bright blonde highlights are not for all, and we know that. If you are interested in something subtler, then black hair and blonde highlights with warm undertones should be considered.

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  • Black and Blonde Hair with Colorful Streaks

    Being reserved to only a classy or only alternative color palette is a choice of every individual. However, if you want to try what comes out of a union of universal streaks and colorful ones, the examples below may inspire you for a fresh adventure.

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  • Pink, Black, and Blonde Hair Ombre

    Silver ombre hair is an ever-trending stream. However, hair color experimentation of the modern age does not stop there. The mixture of pink hues intertwined with black and white will open up the horizons you haven't expected to ever come close to.

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  • Face Framing Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

    Black hair with highlights is rarely ordinary. When all-over highlights are not tempting enough, then popular face framing highlights in blonde tones come to the rescue. It is incredible how something as simple can be so flattering and other-worldly to look at!

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  • Short Black Bob With Blonde Part

    Black ombre hair is fashionable and cool, but it is just too much for some. One of the simplest ways out is to spice your black mane with a well-incorporated and trendy streak of contrasting hue. In this case, the combo of black and white is the one that comes to mind.

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  • Black & Blonde Half and Half Hair

    Half and half hair trend is utterly a daring and rebellious one. However, no matter how it sounds, it looks surely breathtakingly beautiful and worth the name of a masterpiece. The look is a little high-maintenance, but the resonating vibe is worth the effort and adoring glances.

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  • Black and Blonde Box Braids

    When you try to keep away from potentially damaging commitment but willing to try some fresh trends out, bob braids come in. Once you are satisfied with the effect, you can proceed with your favorite hair coloring. If not – the braids look stylish and cool on their own too.

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