What is Bixie Haircut & 30+ Bixie Haircuts

Have you ever wanted to try something exciting and new with your hair? Well now is the time! A bixie haircut can give your look a modern twist, so why not explore some of the 30 cool styles available. You’re sure to find one that will make everyone stop in their tracks when they see you – perfect for making heads turn wherever you go! So don’t delay; read on and discover “the one” just for YOU today.

What Is A Bixie Haircut?

A bixie haircut is like a ‘super-hairstyle’ for your hair! It’s the best of both worlds – part pixie and part bob. The edges look sharp, but it still has plenty of volume too. If you’re someone who can’t decide between two looks then this one blends them together perfectly so that you don’t have to choose just one.

How Pricey Is A Bixie Haircut?

Getting a bixie haircut is really exciting! You’ll get to pick the style, and your hairstylist will cut, shape and style it for you. It usually costs around $60-$80–a bit more if you want highlights or fringe bangs added in. Just make sure when picking out the salon that they have stylists who are experts with trendy short styles like yours- then you’re all set for an amazing look!

How To Style A Bixie Haircut?

When it comes to styling your hair, make sure you give yourself enough time in the morning. Add some of your favorite gel and brush through so that every strand is slick. Then use a special comb with really small teeth – like lots of mini brushes all lined up together! You can wear your bixie whatever way makes you feel good – on the side or high atop your head for an extra-special look. Make sure to finish off by spritzing hairspray over everything to add shine and keep it looking great longer!

1. Blonde Bixie With Bangs

Refresh your look with this trending blonde moment hairstyle. With its modern, chic aesthetic, it’s sure to be a hit for women of all ages and styles!

2. Short Bixie With Highlights

Liven up your hair with a bright splash of color! Revitalize and define by adding gorgeous highlights that will make your style stand out.

3. Platinum Bixie With Highlights

Whether you’re dancing the night away or looking to add a little pizzazz, this bleached blonde haircut is perfect for all women in their thirties. A glamorous and effortless look that will have heads turning!

4. Modern Silver Bixie

Any woman can be a showstopper with this bold and confident bixie hairstyle! With its high-impact style and empowering beauty, it’s sure to make heads turn.

5. Colorful Rainbow Bixie Haircut

If you have an eye for the vibrant and a passion for all things colorful, this style is sure to captivate. With its dazzling highlights and multitude of bright hues, it promises to make heads turn wherever you go!

6. Brown Bixie Cut

With a serious and formal edge, this bixie cut radiates strength and confidence. A gorgeous shade of soft brown highlights the effortlessly stylish look for any strong woman looking to make an impression.

7. Auburn Bixie Hair

Adding a splash of deep red or soft auburn hues will give your fall look an extra touch of warmth and beauty.

8. Bright Orange Bixie Hair

For women wanting to project an air of seriousness and confidence, this low-maintenance copper hue offers the perfect splash of powerful style.

9. Formal Bixie Hairstyle

For a truly special occasion, why not put your best foot forward in a stunning bixie? With its classic silhouette and sleek styling, this timeless piece of formalwear is sure to make heads turn – perfect for everything from wedding receptions to date nights.

10. Straight Blonde Defined Bixie

Step into a new season with confidence and style! Let the world witness your messily-textured blonde long bangs, letting them cascade down to give you an edgy look. Experience this ultimate golden moment for yourself – it’s time to shine in beautiful waves of gold inspired by nature itself.

11. Dark Brown Bixie Cut

Women can bring out their inner beauty with this warm, brown hairstyle that radiates natural glamour through soft curls.

12. Natural Brown Bixie Hairstyle

Elegant ladies can add a touch of sophistication with side-swept bangs. These flattering, face-framing strands will give any look an effortless chicness that is sure to turn heads.

13. Pink & Purple Bixie

Women seeking something offbeat or edgy will feel right at home with a voluptuous blend of pink, purple and lavender hues.

14. Short Bixie Haircut With Bangs

Lively, short bangs are the perfect way to bring an element of youthful exuberance and personality to your look! With just a few strategic snips they can add texture and style that will have you turning heads.

15. Messy Bixie Haircut

To maintain the luminous blonde hue of your hair, a color refresh every four weeks will keep you looking stunning!

16. Short Dark Brown Bixie Haircut

Look your most dazzling with a sultry, show-stopping haircut. Perfect for making an entrance and an unforgettable statement at any evening affair.

17. Brown Bixie With Highlights

With its practical design, this brown hairdo exudes an air of cuteness. Perfect for any modern woman who wants to keep things simple yet stylish!

18. Bright Blonde Yellow Bixie

For a subtle yet statement-making style, add just the perfect amount of volume to your blonde mixie cut. This classic look will give you that optimal balance between casual and chic – making it ideal for any occasion!

19. Straight Brown Bixie Haircut

Struggling to get ready in the morning? This super-quick hairdo will have you looking your best in no time at all. Get creative with cutting edge styling that can be achieved lightning fast!

20. Light Blonde Medium Length Bixie

Working women can finally rejoice as this structured, yet delicate bixie is the perfect accessory to add sophisticated flair! With its golden hue and versatile look, it’s a style that exudes confidence for any occasion.

21. Long Bixie With Bangs

A gentle, delicate hue of brown that wraps every girl in its warm embrace like a hug from an old friend.

22. Black Bixie Hairstyle

Step out of the ordinary and add a modern, sophisticated touch to your office or formalwear with this sleek cool dark brown bixie. Understated yet stylishly distinctive, you’ll love it!

23. Platinum Blonde Bixie

Bleached moments are for daring women who crave the spotlight and seek out modern hairstyles to make a statement.

24. Bright Blue Bixie

With a dazzling blend of bright blue and vibrant purple, this mixie duo is the perfect choice for teen women seeking to make an unforgettable statement in neon style.

25. Blonde Bixie Haircut

Keep your hair looking vibrant and voluminous by scheduling a color refresher appointment every 4 to 6 weeks so you can stay on top of the vivid, stylish hues that truly make this style shine.

26. Soft Brown Messy Bixie

This beautiful hairstyle will give your mane a sleek, glossy look that’s perfect for any occasion. With regular trims and pampering treatments, you can keep its warm chocolate color looking vivid and inviting!

27. Brown & Blue Bixie Cut

Dare to be daring! Stand out from the crowd with a rare combination of colors–a bold marriage of blue and brown, sure to draw admiring glances. Be one step ahead in style this season with your own inventive bixie.

28. Brown Bixie With Fringe

Enjoy the freedom of your own style with this trendsetting fringe vibe, plus a pop of color from bixie for an unforgettable look.

29. Bright Coral Bixie Hair

Younger women and teens can liven up any party with a splash of coral color in their wardrobe; perfect for making bold fashion statements.

30. Bixie Hairstyle With Highlights

Transition into autumn with an eye-catching new look! Liven up your locks this season and add some exciting highlights for a stunning effect that will have everyone turning heads. Let the fall breeze kiss you as you flaunt magnificently hued hair in style!

Want To Try This Bixie Moment?

Are you ready to join the modern bixie trend? Women everywhere can experiment with this stylish look and find something new that will give their features a striking accent. From short locks to long strands, there’s an array of options sure to make anyone smile and flaunt chic confidence! So what are you waiting for – which one is it going be?