Asymmetrical bobs and lobs are the perfect summer haircuts because they help us beat the heat. The fact that they are wash and wear are bonus points! If you’re not convinced to make the cut, scroll down below for short summer hair ideas!

Blunt, Asymmetrical Long Bob

This ultra-feminine and chic hairstyle is my favorite one yet. An asymmetrical bob with a blunt cut is akin to riding a bike with training wheels for beauties that have rocked long manes their whole lives. Part it in the middle and it’s a chic haircut, sweep it to the side for an easy and relaxed vibe.

Straight Lob With a Side Part

My hairstyle pick for beauties with rounder face shapes, or for those that want a slimmer profile for the Instagram posts. How it frames your face is instantly slimming, focusing the majority of your volume on one side and framing your jawline on the other.

Stacked Bob

Fine and wispy hair is no longer a concern for ladies that opt for a stocked bob and an asymmetrical cut to boot. Asymmetrical stacked bobs are tight layers that create fuller hair, perfect for beauties that have thin strands. Highlights are great for adding dimension and volume to thin hair, but stacked layers work wonders. No additional styling or products needed.


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Inverted, Asymmetrical Long Bob

Really show off that asymmetrical bob this summer by keeping the bangs extra long. If you have dark hair, add highlights that are one and two shades lighter than your own to add dimension and fullness. Run a flat iron through your hair to keep it neat and for the inverted asymmetrical lengths to show.

Shaggy Bob

Messy hair is the new polished with tousled hair and beach waves taking over this season. This is my go-to WFH hairstyle, no brush and product needed. Just run your hands through your hair and apply dry shampoo to freshen and add volume to your bed head.

Stacked, Uneven Bob

If your asymmetrical bob isn’t uneven enough, make one section of hair extra long for that extra umph. This is a playful detail that will elevate your bob or lob, there are no rules when it comes to styling. To keep your locks looking healthy and thick, use a hair masque every week. Use a leave-on hair treatment with UV protection if you’ll be out all day.

(Keep It) Long Bob

This hair the reverse of the classic V-shaped layered hair that we all grew up with – the haircut we all know too well. For that barely-there asymmetrical long bob, start off with long hair and cut off an inch as you move towards the back. Add layers to make your hair lighter and to lift that weight off your shoulders.

Shaggy Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

Layers upon layers upon layers, boring locks are a thing of the past and is nowhere in our future. Give your bob shaggy layers and a deep part with asymmetrical bangs, creating a fuller head of hair that most girls dream of. Be sure to use taming and anti-frizz shampoo and apply leave-on oils or creams to finish off your shampoo days. For babes that rock curly hair, this cut will be great for you too as this will help tame your hair’s natural volume.

Straight + Asymmetrical

Stunning with a veil of ferocity is this combination of the blunt cut and the asymmetrical bob. Kim K keeps just one side of her bob asymmetrical, leaving the smaller section with an elegant blunt cut. I myself love to keep my hair classy and elegant, but the need to show off some personality arises, this is it. Luxurious hair can only be achieved with proper hair care, so don’t forget that SPF beauties!

Make It a Bit French

Ride down the boulevard in your bike with the wind tickling the skin beneath your bob, let’s make it a bit French. I love French styling because it’s extremely effortless and ultra-feminine wrapped in a romantic package. Rock short bags at a length that teeter between your cheek and jawline. Finish off your look with small earrings and a thin, snake chain necklace.

Asymmetrical Bob With Silver Hair

Employ a tag team of color and cut to achieve the coolest hair this summer. Style your hair with an asymmetrical bob with beach waves and add interest with shadow roots. By winter, your mane will turn to a sexy asymmetrical lob. Your cut and color did that.
Tip: If you have fine hair, use a texturizing product like salt spray.

Baby Doll Bob

Class up an adorable look with a bold color on your lock and lips, and an asymmetric bob of course. Rock full bangs and keep the shortest strand shoulder length and allow your hair to grow from there. Sometimes, the way to reinvigorate your hair is to return to an old one and upgrade it with playful and rousing detail.

To start us on our summer hair journey, Brand Mondo guides us on how to find the best cut for our face shape:

Stay inspired this summer by reinvigorating your locks with our best asymmetric bob and lob picks!

Going short is the key to wash and wear, yet romantic looks this season! A queen needs her crown, and this summer it’s going to be asymmetric.

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