Alizeh Shah Tells Smoking Video Reality 

The gorgeous starlet Alizeh Shah faced severe criticism on social media after her smoking video went viral. The people even termed her a ‘spoiled brat’ with no dignity. However, she chose not to respond to all this social media frenzy. Her silence did not go in vain, the title-tattle stopped early as people couldn’t get anything spicier out of it. But deep inside everyone wanted to see Alizeh’s reaction or comments about the video. She has finally spoken up about it, and we’re here to tell you the story.

Alizeh Shah Smoking Video Reality 

It’s very clear that the video developed a negative perception of her character among the fans. Her career may be affected by this controversy largely. Alizeh is always showcased as a young, disciplined, and virtuous girl. It’s not that smoking is a crime or heinous act, it’s just the perception of the people. In Pakistani society, smoking is perceived as wrong especially by women. That’s why, Alizeh had to face such backlash; otherwise, it’s completely normal for a girl with a background like hers.


Alizeh Shah Speaking About her Viral Smoking Video

Alizeh Shah Smoking Video Reality 

Recently, Alizeh appeared in an interview with DAWN News. When asked about the viral video controversy, she told her side of the story. The young diva is totally fed up with the mindset of people. She said that after the video went viral, she was offered to play an item song and that she was compared to item girls of Bollywood. No doubt, the way people reacted to Alizeh’s smoking was character assassination. She also said that her family was along with her when she was smoking. And asked the people, if her family doesn’t have a problem with smoking then why all these people are nosing in my personal life.


Alizeh Shah Stance on her Viral Smoking Video

Alizeh Shah Smoking

The reality of the video is very obvious, Alizeh is from a background that doesn’t believe in societal norms. If she can smoke around her family, it doesn’t mean she has a questionable character. Her stance is quite clear from her interview, she doesn’t want people to judge her character, or interfere in her personal life.