22 Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington 2023 Nail Trends

Everyone adores A Christmas Nightmare Story! If you’re interested in Nightmare before Christmas manicures or Jack Skellington nails, you’ll find all the inspiration you need on this page.

We have examined the most popular social media platforms to discover the finest nail designs inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas.

We have all of your favourite characters from the film, including Jack Skellington, a variety of nail lengths and shapes, as well as designs that range from incredibly simple to highly complex.

Sounds excellent, right?

Then, let us examine the designs!

1. Acrylic Nightmarish Cuticles Before Christmas

This adorable nail design features Jack Skellington manicures and vibrant hues, which I adore. Changes things up from the customary black and white.

2. Jack From A Nightmare Before Christmas Is Impaled On A Stake.

This is my favourite Jack-themed nail design. It is distinctive due to its elegance and sophistication.

The crimson, black, white, and ivory colour scheme contributes to the enduring elegance of the ensemble.

3. Christmas Nightmare Surrounding Christmas Nail Art

This Jack Skellington manicure is ideal for the holiday season! I adore how well they captured the essence of the film.

Not only are nightmare manicures appropriate for Halloween, but also for Christmas!

4. Black And Fluorescent Green Tim Burton’s Halloween-themed Nail Art

Want a classic, eerie nail design that is easy to execute but highly effective?

Here it is in neon green and black.

5. Nail Art Featuring Stripes, Jack, And Jewels

This is a wonderful example of how to incorporate jewels into your nail designs for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I adore how well the green jewels complement the Oogie boogie and spider webs.

6. Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Hammers Her Nails.

Jack Skellington appears frequently on merchandise because, let’s face it, he’s simpler to portray than Sally.

Adding Sally to your nail design, if you have the talents, will elevate your manicures to the next level.

7. Nail Design Featuring Glitter And Jewels In Purple And Black

Purple and black are traditional colours for Halloween. However, how do you add something extra?

Add some completely gem-encrusted nails, of course – fantastic!

8. Combining Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Designs

I appreciate the contrast between the severe black and white patterns and the colourful mosaic manicures in this design.

The Jack and Sally paintings are also quite adorable.

9. Patchwork Nightmare Preceding The Holiday

This is so awesome! Patchwork can occasionally appear somewhat juvenile.

But this artist has perfected it with these incredibly trendy patchwork guidelines.

I may have to give this a shot…

10. Mixed Personalities And Colours Halloween Manicure Design

Why should only Jack and Sally have fun?

I like how some of the lesser-known characters, such as Zero the canine and the Oogie boogeyman, are honoured in this nail design.

11. Jack And Sally Nail Design Featuring Zero And The Oogie Boogie

Here’s another fantastic design featuring four characters from the film.

The use of colour here is quite inventive. The orange and green hues work well together and exude Halloween spirit.

12. Long Black And White Nails With A Design

This is one of the finest Nightmare Before Christmas makeup designs I’ve ever seen!

I adore how it appears to be a sketchbook. The grayscaling is brilliant, and the characters are wonderfully rendered!

13. Nails That Glow In The Dark During The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s so refreshing to see non-green glow-in-the-dark manicures!

This blue backlit design is uncanny and extremely entertaining. Your manicures are guaranteed to attract attention!

14. Adorable Nightmare Prior To Christmas Manicures

Add infant pink or lilac to your design if you’d like to make it more feminine and adorable.

Put on some large jewels, and voila: adorable Halloween nails.

15. Amusing Nightmare Prior To Christmas Nail Art

I appreciate how these manicures give me anime sentiments.

It is a design in the manner of comic books that will garner many compliments.

16. There Is No Nightmare Before Christmas

If you like the canine Zero. This amazing black-white-and-red design is sure to impress.

I adore how each image stretches across two nails.

This basic design has a significant impact.

17. Nightmare Before Christmas Misses The Mark

You do not need lengthy nails to carry off an incredible nail design inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Check out the incredible design on these extremely short nails!

I adore the colour scheme as well.

18. Black And Gold Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

If you are looking for a Christmas-appropriate design, this one is ideal.

Gold and black stripes with adorable white holly leaf accents.

The addition of red berries completes the traditional Christmas colour scheme.

19. Glitter Patterns Halloween Jack Skellington Fingernail Design

This design’s use of holo glitter is fantastic.

This would be very simple to accomplish with some strategically positioned striping tape and an interesting sticker.

20. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails Straightforward

This design is straightforward and plain.

Simply apply purple, black, and white nail polish, followed by a few decals.

21. Oogie Boogie Manicure Design

Another design with an unusual use of colour is presented here.

The cobalt blue and turquoise hues complement each other beautifully, and I adore how they’ve coordinated the decals with the blood droplets.

22. Design Jack And Sally Are In Love

Awww, so adorable! Perhaps Nightmare before Christmas manicures could also work for Valentine’s Day….

Okay, now that you’ve seen all the designs, let’s take a look at some of the finest Jack and Sally-themed merchandise.

The Finest Nightmare Before Christmas Rubber Stamps:

This stamping plate is a must-have if you’re looking for a fast, simple, and enjoyable method to do your nightmare before Christmas manicures.

The designs are excellent and the process is incredibly straightforward.

Our Preferred Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Stickers:

If you prefer using decals, this set of waterslides is unmatched.

The designs are incredible, user-friendly, and enjoyable to execute.

Simply saturate them for a few seconds in water and then place them onto the nail.

Our Favourite Christmas Nightmare Nails Decals:

These peel-and-stick decals are printed on transparent vinyl.

They are extremely stylish and simple to apply.

Since the background is transparent, you need not stress about the designs conflicting with your chosen nail varnish.

Final Thoughts

That is all! I trust you have enjoyed exploring our finest nightmare before Christmas nail art designs.

Feeling inspired?

Well then, go for athletic activity those nails!